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On Paying Off Medical Debt

Dec 31 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

a debtor’s load
the unsurmountable, it seems
a world crushing down
on the wrong atlas
a stack of papers saying all that could be
if only on top of the weight
and not under it

but being crushed
even with a plan to stop the crushing
is a little less life every breath
and a little less joy for each stress
and we long to be free
for the day that we put all our pain
under our feet, with a raised fist
a map in hand, crumpled but not unread
a symbol of all places to go

but we can only lift the smaller burdens
we are helpless to the debt that claims our souls
And till we nod that we have gone to pieces
He will never strip the chain that wracks our whole

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Gospel Haiku #17

Dec 30 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

sometimes discipline
(behold! an oxymoron)
just means finishing

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How to Be Out of School

Dec 28 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

new thoughts in old slots
old thoughts in new directions
rewiring futures
revisiting pasts
taking a look at the whole picture
deconstructing it
reconsidering it once that’s done

someone told me I was living now
but I’ve always been preparing
Now, I suppose, I am here
(I think I was always here)
And I’m just now figuring out
how the day works, today
for this is “real life”;
it’s the only day You gave me

and this is what it’s like
to live

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Dec 22 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

I have always lived in a fear of God
and I don’t trust my decisions
for I am ready to change myself
If you say, “God’s not for this.”

Yes, I will second guess myself
So that I don’t get punished
I wish I knew the God of peace
that holds us each so gently.

I want to know that God.
Oh God, let me know that God.

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