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Always one step ahead of the undertaker
a few minutes before every the deadline
ever skirting out from under the axe
a life permanently teetering on the edge

running along it, wavering this way and that
one side toward land, the other abyss
the sort of fun that is dangerous
the sort of danger that is fun
until a few more degrees on the abyss side
my inner ear to feels the loss of balance

and I am freefalling
for mere seconds
in terms of lifespan)
before He catches me,
rights me,
like a young boy
learning to ride a bike
who never scrapes his knees
because of the close father-watching

I will never forget how to ride
but somehow I always forget
how to trust

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Obsolete methods

Apr 02 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

No matter how much
burning and dodging
I do to this picture,
the details won’t come out.
The content wasn’t ever there.
All these repeated attempts
and ruined materials
and extra flashes of the bulb
accomplish nothing but proof:
we can’t contemplate true nothing
but whatever’s one step above that
is in this heartless endeavor.

No praying will change it.
(Or will it?)
No human effort can fix it.
(Or can it?)

We live in a tension:
what we are responsible for
(we must move)
and what is in the hands of God
(we must trust)

I wrestle the moments.
Must I stick my neck out?
Have I pushed too hard?
When will the Lord weave?
Will he craft through my hand?
Always, to every question.
And that is the tension,
my lonely heart burning,
dodging the answers:
when should I act,
when should I trust—

no. It’s this:
how do I do both at once?

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