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I have never run with the crowd,
so they have never run with me.
Sometimes we were moving in the same direction anyway,
so I could fool myself into feeling I had company.
But there is no company here.
The farther I go down this path
the fewer run along behind
and no one has come along side.
There are few who can go where I go.
Not that I chose this, or that I like it;
it is simply a fact:
no one I know wants to go where I’m going.
no one I know saw the path and stayed.
And I have friends, on parallel paths
would-be with-ers, but we cross so rarely.
There is no one here to catch me.

And the leader is no consolation:
when I ask for a companion
the pace quickens, and I hear fewer footsteps.
I can quit, or I can speed up.
I can stop, or leave more behind.
But stopping was never an option for me.
(I tried, but the leader carried me.)
So I daily see fewer in front of me
who could be a part of this
and wonder why the leader finds it so important
that I keep chasing him alone,
far past where others want to go.

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