Sep 01 2012

It’s easy to destroy something huge.
Far easier than I expected, actually.
When so many people are invested in it,
It’s really a matter of numbers,
and not of actual damage done to it.
or us
A car, a bike, a house, a life
so many people with ledgers
that must add up, that must quantify
that must make the best deal
Not for the thing, we are thing agnostic
this thing is like that thing
it’s a newer thing, and it would cost less
so get the newer thing.
Here’s a check for that new thing.
But what about that old thing?
I had history with it. It is mine.
This new thing will not be mine
for a long, long time. Yes,
it will be in my possession soon
But when will I love it?
I loved that old thing; it was mine.
And how long after I love the new thing
will someone with a ledger
sweep his arm across the full frame
and say, “this is not worth repairing”?
I don’t believe you.

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