Dec 20 2012

I am an observer,
a regular attender,
a sharer of big church words:
session, presbytery, call
not large in letter
but towering in spirit.
These are weighty moments.

At first, it seems peculiar
such fuss, such pomp, regal.
Is it really this important?
Not that I diminish the ends, but
can’t we just have a show of hands?
“Oh yea, the ayes have it,” etc.?
But the words are stately read
from the old church book of order
in the solemnity of scripture
as a heavy tell (or reminder):

this plan is not ours.

We convene not due to presbytery,
nor to the Reformed Church Press.
We take these motions seriously
because we are on the authority
of the omnipotent, most high God,
who said to us, “be the church.
Be the way I roam this earth,
be the way I lighten burdens,
be the way I pummel wickedness
in the world and in your hearts.
And in that task, the call will come
to closely follow those you trust.”
And so, not divine or inerrant,
but in the real way of the Lord,
we set about to vote, tiny sheets
of paper with inconsequential pens
to do the mundane, very daily work
that is the way God uses the church
to change the world that he so loves
and keep us on a path to his heart

a unanimous vote, a “praise the Lord”
scattered applause, a removal to cars.
this is the way the Lord worked today.

hallelujah, hallelujah, glory hallelujah,
small sheets of paper and a plastic pen.

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