Language Learning

Oct 12 2013

There are languages I cannot speak
foreign ones with aspirated sounds
body language of the bench presser
the warp and flow of time passing.
Some syllables to be parsed aloud,
others bent shapes to be written;
yet more to be lived in, flannel shirts
worked out with fear and trembling.
This great, awe-inspiring awareness
that I have always wanted controls
yet the world rages about, unkempt
and unkept by my petty young feats;
This selfishness penned me in
to a single world, a tree in brush
but only brush in a haughty sight.
These languages rattle in my mind
and I laugh at myself and in joy:
how could I have only wanted one?
a whole whirling world to wander,
yet infinite languages to ponder,
signs and wonders and new words,
signs and wonders and new worlds.

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