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Young dad with a backpack
Dora the Explorer
Trailing shyly behind
Fatherly, he looks back at her
Shuffling up the sidewalk.
Protective scowl at me,
Eyes flit back to the dillydally
Extending his hand to her

In my friendliest voice
I say hello to him.
He reads my voice, grins
Also maybe because Cinderella
Has plowed into his leg, clinging
And yet looking back, intrigued
The princess looks through crenellations
Of dingy ripped jeans and deep love.
He turns her toward what must be
A bus stop, or the school itself.

Two days later walking the same path
I find a stuffed animal lost in the gutter.
The puppy is upside down, untorn.
I gently lift him to the curb,
Setting him upright for Dora to find,
Should she need puppy to sleep.
I hope that’s fatherly.

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