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Poem of Ecstatic Praise #4: On Meeting Jonny Rodgers

Dec 29 2013 Published by under Uncategorized

You knew!
You knew.
You knew that I would despair
and not that you knew it just today
but that you knew it weeks ago
months ago,
and set things in motion way back then
so that today, this specific day,
everything was ready.
I came to you with deep questions
despairing not of life,
but of comfort,
of my place in the world,
of your goodness.
And I turned to you, pleading
for you to show yourself to me
so I could know that you are in control
in the midst of the hate and the chaos
and the global warming
And so, today, I found myself
sitting in a bar, with a new friend
talking about life and God and how
it’s so damn hard to stay Christian
until you find someone who can say,
“Has it gotten in your head yet?”
and I can say, “yes, yes it has.”
and it is alright. And to know
that someone knows what I’m doing
and that God, in his infinite knowledge
knew I’d need it.

And so let it not be said that God does not exist
or that God does not hear,
or that this is just coincidence.
Because I prayed for this today,
and the God outside of time knew it
long before I ever would
but I prayed today, and God orchestrated today
so that I could know,
and now you could know,
that the plans were being orchestrated long before
I could even think to pray.
this is the God I serve.
This is the God that lives.
You work long before and long after
I ever know what happens.
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
information so far beyond me.
The love of God, amen, amen.

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