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Internet: Born in 1980

Jul 28 2019 Published by under Internet Poems

it used to be that the garbage truck
was the loudest thing we knew
other than the distant planes
that occasionally seemed very far away.
Maybe the neighbors yelled at each other
or maybe it was TV,
(we don’t hang out with them)
and anyways it wasn’t that loud
mostly it was birds, so many sounds
I never knew their names, just that
all of them made beautiful noises.

My parents were quiet, I had no siblings
and then when I was 15 we got the Internet

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Internet: Bits

Jul 27 2019 Published by under Internet Poems

Originally published February 15, 2015

Oh God
greater than the Internet and force fields
come reveal yourself to us
just a little bit
like individual pages in the vast, unknowable web
like a shield greater than our imaginations can make
like yourself
just a little bit

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Memories (Death 4)

Jul 26 2019 Published by under Uncategorized

I study how genres
help us know things
but the certificates,
obituaries, programs,
tax notes and eulogies
only help us unknow
because everything from
here on out belongs to
the genre of memory:
Praise God from whom
that blessing flowed.

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Selfie (Death 3)

Jul 19 2019 Published by under Uncategorized

In the empty courtyard,
I came across a selfie.
I almost walked into him
so I stepped back quick
immediately wondering:
Could I have jumped in?

Not as a photobomber,
but as a new friend?
What would he think?
Who was he sending to?
What would they think?

We don’t live that way
anymore, if we ever did.
We are all connected,
but network connections
don’t come from random
hugs, most of the time
but some other formality
like friends or family.

–February 18, 2015

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