Internet: The Internet

Jan 10 2020

Maybe we made the Internet to connect,
and maybe for knowledge, or war,
or all of these things.
The new ideas rush over the old foundation like sea levels rising.
The dream of Tim Berners-Lee is now just one of many.

People who oppose his mission yet put themselves
under the same mantle: creating the Internet–
assuming the nouveau riche
and the establishers carry the same worth
in deciding what the end goal is.

And yet some of us get to the end goal
despite the flood. May we all
find it, hidden under the many layers
(good and bad); that original spark,
that flare, that light which caused us
to sign up the first time we saw it.

Let us find it, Lord, the truth of the thing,
not the ads or landing pages, but
the heart of it, that which connects,
and let us not confuse the dross for
the content, and thus reject it.

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