Internet: Twitter (1)

Jan 03 2020

(1) It is a favored pastime of @Twitter users to complain that Twitter is being ruined by the creators of Twitter.

(2) many pundits agree (crazy), say the creators don’t know the users, don’t understand them, have no idea what’s going on down here

(3) maybe @Twitter creators should actually try talking to a real user for once, get some user experience feedback, etc.

(4) You have never tweeted, yet your words endure; the roar of the crowd is similar then and now, wanting pithy words to retweet

(5) the core of your thoughts are not pithy words, but patient explanations of the human heart and how it runs. (badly, toward idols)

(6) for every culture puts on its own social media and lets the creator know

(7) in no uncertain terms that the makers running the show are ruining the platform, and that it is the people who run the show.

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