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Internet: Twitter 2

Feb 29 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Lord, you were in the business of followers:
Follow me, you said.
And so many did: thousands,
tens of thousands,
followed you around from place to place,
even beat you to the spot so they’d be ready
when you arrived.

But, alas, they all unfollowed you.

Even your core audience abandoned the thread during your crisis,
leaving you with only one lurker, to whom you sent a direct message,
behold, your mother (even your mother followed you).

But the unfollowers:
they wanted something else of you
they wanted the tweet;
you offered the universe.

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Internet: Imgur

Feb 22 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Imager, imager,
Send us a new image.
Give us a sign.
Show us you’re still working.

But no new image is forthcoming,
because we are the picture you’re drawing.

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Internet: PDF

Feb 15 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Lord, PDFs are hard to work with:
unchangeable, unmovable.

What we want comes with what we don’t.
We want to delete and revise what is sent to us.

But all we can do is comment on the document,
and nothing our comments do change it.
But we never stop commenting anyway.

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Internet: Pinterest

Feb 08 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

i cannot fathom the depth of affection you give each individual human,

The whole world your board,
each one of us lovingly considered and selected
pondered, chosen, curated
displayed and delighted in,

ever part of your infinite scroll,
the things you most want in your new house,
maximalist to death

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