Internet: Hacker

Mar 13 2020

Lord, would you let yourself be called “hacker”?
Would you let me call you hacker if it helped me
to think of you as someone who is always tinkering
always refining, always making more
always doing for the sake of doing, the joy of it.
Did you hack the world into existence?

or are you already disappointed that I would
ascribe these qualities to people who steal and
purposefully seek the worst for people?
(Are you worried that I am extending this
ambiguity to you? Can you worry?)
Are you sad that I want to find the kernel
of good that lies in hacking?

or are you also looking for the good
in all of us, ferocious or fumbling,
redeeming all our titles, giving mercy
to prostitutes and thieves and robbers
and hackers?

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