State Albums: Montana

May 29 2020

A Contemporary Mythology of Montana

1. Flyfishing the Firehole River

2. The Fort Shaw Indian School Girls Become Basketball Champions of the World, 1904

3. In the Alternative Universe Where the State’s Name is Shoshone

4. The Judith Mountains

5. 15 Smokejumpers over the Mann Gulch Fire

6. Snow

7. A Brief Tropical Respite in Consideration of the Kerguelen Islands, An Antipodean Landmass of Montana

8. More Snow

9. We Found Gold! Let’s Call It Gold Creek!

10. Friends of Your Parents, Who Retired to Whitefish

11. Come Pacifists, Come Conscientious Objectors!

12. Worrying Slightly while Observing the Largest T. Rex Skull Ever Discovered in The Museum of the Rockies

13. Bozeman, Sweet Pea Capital of the Nation

13. Chief Dull Knife College

14. Shelby Is Nearly Bankrupted By the Jack Dempsey vs Tommy Gibbons Heavyweight Title Fight (It Was a Good Idea at the Time!)

15. Norman Maclean, or, Contemporary Mythology of the Recent Past

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