State Albums: Wyoming

May 15 2020

Wyoming: The Equality State

1. Yellowstone
2. Women’s Suffrage!
3. Sugar Beets For Breakfast
4. The Magnificent Carbon Wings of the Proposed Turbines in Carbon County
5. Teenage Bottlerocket is Ready to Explode!
6. The Unexpected Dreariness of Cody, Birthplace of Jackson Pollock
7. For Matthew Shepard
8. Rodeo (After Aaron Copland, Who Probably Never Went to Wyoming)
9. Let Us Now Consider The Majestic Moose, While We Wait For It To Move Off the Road
10. In Which No One Injures Themselves Snowboarding in Jackson Hole
11. In Which Our Protagonist Injures Himself While Cross-Country Skiing in Rick’s Basin
12. #ThatsWY
13. The Solitude of Unnamed Places Along Empty Highways
14. Bighorn Medicine Wheel
15. The Legend of Josh Allen
16. Nellie Tayloe Ross, the First Woman Governor in the United States

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