Sep 23 2020

My wife is tired of hearing me complain about the unfairness of NBA Playoffs, particularly the massive talent disparity between East and West. To wit:

“I could fix it all: just seed the playoffs 1-16. Let the best teams be given the best slots, no conferences. No one misses the playoffs in the West who won more games than a ‘playoff’ team in the East. Look at how great these playoffs would be, if we seeded 1-16; who wouldn’t want these first-round matchups?”

And I care about this plan very much, care that it’s just the best teams that get in, care that underachievers don’t get unearned credit for their lack of achievement.

I want teams to know: “yes, you can merit your way to the top, no matter if you’re in Sacramento or Oklahoma City or anywhere else. No arbitrary conference split is going to stop you. I’m going to fight the arbitrary things that stop you.”

It would be more fair, with me defining “fair.”

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