State Albums: Mississippi

Sep 25 2020

Mississippi: The Water and the Blood

  1. Magnolia Flag, Confederate Flag, Stennis Flag
  2. For Emmitt Till and the Countless Others
  3. A Brief Snippet of Graceland in the Style of Muddy Waters
  4. Elvis Presley Forever
  5. The Stubborn Continued Existence of Plantation Houses And Associated Legacies
  6. Auburn 3, Mississippi State 2
  7. Mosquitoes and Baptists
  8. Jim Henson
  9. Our Hero Gets Stuck in the Mud of the Mississippi
  10. The Mississippi, Queen of the Rivers
  11. Atchafalaya Victory
  12. Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura Kościuszko & Oprah Winfrey
  13. Hard Days and Hurricane in Pascagoula
  14. All the Fried Okra in the World
  15. With Root Beer
  16. The Water and the Blood

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