Albums: Guam

Oct 03 2020

I have been writing state albums, but it has always been my desire to include all American citizens, regardless of their state, commonwealth, or minor outlying territory status. This, the first of my Albums: Guam. (Calling these Albums bereft of American or state status is awkward; calling them “Holdings” albums seems worse. I think no modifier seems the kindest of the possibilities, given the diversity of opinions on the matter of status.)

Stand Ye Guamanians

  1. Fanohge Chamoru 

2. Where America’s Day Begins 

3. The Boat They Took from Magellan 

4. U.S. Citizens 

5. For the Japanese Occupied / Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi Surrenders, 1972

6. Considering the Challenger Deep

7. The Jesuit Fathers on Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

8. Inafa’maolek (Interdependence)

9. The Guam National Rugby Union Team and their great defeat of Brunei, 74-0

10. The Luminescent Fortune of their Undersea Internet Cables

11. Stand Ye Guamanians (for Belembaotuyan)

12. The Silent Forests of the Brown Tree Snake

13. An Unpleasant Cameo in Pixels

14. .gu

15. Manny Crisostomo, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

16. Self-determination, with the theme from Interdependence

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