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Internet: Pinterest

Feb 08 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

i cannot fathom the depth of affection you give each individual human,

The whole world your board,
each one of us lovingly considered and selected
pondered, chosen, curated
displayed and delighted in,

ever part of your infinite scroll,
the things you most want in your new house,
maximalist to death

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Internet: Tumblr

Jan 31 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Oh God, oh God,
who pleased not just to send
a missive but a person tumbling down
into a culture your own, but not your own

help us know what you meant, and
help us know what it means to live
in a culture so different than the one
you lived in, so different yet so similar,
so full of violence and jokes
and sex and thought and culture

and yet your words endure,
you have not sent a new message;
the crowd condemns the God-man
for Barabbas and for reblogs

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Internet: Download

Jan 24 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Jesus, it would undermine the seriousness
of the overall endeavor, indeed,
cast doubts upon my reading of
and the overall timbre of the thing
to say that your birth and young manhood
was a very slow download and installation process.

I will say it anyway, because we can
get frustrated with our download speeds,
as if the carpenter messiah had not had it worse than us.

Whatever we undermine to find this truth
is worth undermining: you had it worse
on purpose.

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Internet: Majordomo

Jan 17 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

God, God,

are you our majordomo?
is heaven like a listserv
Where you keep the gate
And then talk among us as equals?
Or are you webmaster,
proudly presiding over a perfect system,
everything running as it should be?
Are you top poster? Moderator? Admin?

How should we know you?

How will we know you when your job description no longer includes bug fixes?

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Internet: The Internet

Jan 10 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

Maybe we made the Internet to connect,
and maybe for knowledge, or war,
or all of these things.
The new ideas rush over the old foundation like sea levels rising.
The dream of Tim Berners-Lee is now just one of many.

People who oppose his mission yet put themselves
under the same mantle: creating the Internet–
assuming the nouveau riche
and the establishers carry the same worth
in deciding what the end goal is.

And yet some of us get to the end goal
despite the flood. May we all
find it, hidden under the many layers
(good and bad); that original spark,
that flare, that light which caused us
to sign up the first time we saw it.

Let us find it, Lord, the truth of the thing,
not the ads or landing pages, but
the heart of it, that which connects,
and let us not confuse the dross for
the content, and thus reject it.

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Internet: Twitter (1)

Jan 03 2020 Published by under Internet Poems

(1) It is a favored pastime of @Twitter users to complain that Twitter is being ruined by the creators of Twitter.

(2) many pundits agree (crazy), say the creators don’t know the users, don’t understand them, have no idea what’s going on down here

(3) maybe @Twitter creators should actually try talking to a real user for once, get some user experience feedback, etc.

(4) You have never tweeted, yet your words endure; the roar of the crowd is similar then and now, wanting pithy words to retweet

(5) the core of your thoughts are not pithy words, but patient explanations of the human heart and how it runs. (badly, toward idols)

(6) for every culture puts on its own social media and lets the creator know

(7) in no uncertain terms that the makers running the show are ruining the platform, and that it is the people who run the show.

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Internet: Born in 1980

Jul 28 2019 Published by under Internet Poems

it used to be that the garbage truck
was the loudest thing we knew
other than the distant planes
that occasionally seemed very far away.
Maybe the neighbors yelled at each other
or maybe it was TV,
(we don’t hang out with them)
and anyways it wasn’t that loud
mostly it was birds, so many sounds
I never knew their names, just that
all of them made beautiful noises.

My parents were quiet, I had no siblings
and then when I was 15 we got the Internet

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Internet: Bits

Jul 27 2019 Published by under Internet Poems

Originally published February 15, 2015

Oh God
greater than the Internet and force fields
come reveal yourself to us
just a little bit
like individual pages in the vast, unknowable web
like a shield greater than our imaginations can make
like yourself
just a little bit

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